Today’s Lady News: UVM Frat Closed Indefinitely, Plus Controversy At The Good Men Project

  • The national body of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity has decided to close their UVM chapter indefinitely following that “Who would you rape?” survey scandal. [Burlington Free Press]
  • Has the women’s rights movement screwed over poor women? [Jezebel]
  • Sigh. Sarah Palin continues to tease that she may still run for President, saying, “It’s not too late…” Shit or get off the pot, Palin! Make a decision! [Huffington Post]
  • Feministing has launched a new column about feminism and academia. Check it out and tell us what you think! [Feministing]
  • There’s a bit of kerfuffle going down between our friends at The Good Men Project and some of their supporters. Founder Tom Matlack wrote a piece last week called “Being A Dude Is A Good Thing,” which in many female readers’ and bloggers’ opinion — including my own — made some pretty harsh and sweeping generalizations about how women are “blaming men for being men.” One of the biggest problems being that he didn’t cite any specific examples of that being the case. [GMP]
  • Considering this is the kind of garbage that the anti-women fringe of the Men’s Rights community typically spouts, many feminist-identified readers and writers for GMP were caught by surprise by Matlack’s piece. In response, Matlack engaged feminists like Amanda Marcotte (who writes for GMP), Jenn Pozner, Shira Tarrant, and, somewhat randomly, Roseanne (!) in what he called “a discussion” of the topic on Twitter. His first tweet? “Why can’t women accept men for who they really are? Is a good man more like a woman or more truly masculine?” When he was challenged to explain what he meant by “masculine” and to provide examples of women not accepting men for who they really are, Matlack balked and said he was being “attacked.” The entire Twitter conversation — seriously worth a read — was posted to GMP under the headline “The Wrath of the Feminists.” Oof. [GMP (2)]
  • This prompted GMP contributors Amanda Marcotte and Hugo Schwyzer (also an occasional Frisky contributor) to write pieces — for GMP! — both challenging Matlack and distancing themselves from the founder’s views on the concept of women “blaming men for being men,” and for his petulant (my word, FYI) reaction to the push-back in the first place. [GMP (3-Schwyzer), GMP (4-Marcotte)]
  • Then Matlack dug himself a bigger hole with a heartfelt, if self-absorbed and non-specific response. To be continued! [GMP (5)]