Evening Quickies: The Trailer For “The Dark Knight Rises” & Chaz Bono Is Single

  • The trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises,” the last Batman film featuring Christian Bale as the caped crusader, is here. [Huffington Post]
  • Legos — for girls? Is that really necessary? [HLN]
  • A writer for xoJane tried out something called a “Brazilian facial.” [xoJane]
  • A new “Real Housewife” is headed to Orange County — and she’s got brown hair so we’ll actually be able to tell her apart from the rest of those dingbats! [People]
  • Here are three things men really want — but may not tell you. [Uptown]
  • One of my favorite longtime Hollywood couples, Jessica Lange and Sam Shepherd, split two years ago. Damn, look how easy it is to keep things quiet when the paparazzi are too busy chasing Lindsay Lohan around town. [People]
  • Chaz Bono and her fiancee, Jennifer Elias, have also split. [Us Weekly]
  • Joe Jonas had to go to the hospital with “stomach problems” this weekend. Severe diarrhea? Speak up, Joe — we will not shame you for your pooping problems here at The Frisky. [TMZ]
  • Will Smith is the latest star to go completely bald. I think he pulls it off much better than Matthew McConaughey. [Crushable]