Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Gifts For The Man In Your Life

You want to pick out a great gadget gift for that special guy in your life, but you have no idea where to start? Well, we’ll let you in on a little tech expert secret here — start by matching the device to his personality. We’ve spent countless hours doing extensive research on this subject (“extensive research” = playing with each and every gadget you see below, with the exception of the JetLev) and talking with many a man here at Tecca and beyond, to create the perfect list for that special dude in your life. We’ve even given you a price range in each type, so whether you’re on a budget or feeling like a big, big spender these days, there’s something here for every guy on your list!

Type #1: The Digital Dad 

He’s the king of the castle, the master of the minivan, the ruler of the remote — so his gift has to give him a little metime in a way he can truly appreciate.

Best budget pick: $$

DeviceRoku 2 XS TV streaming device
Price: $99

The Roku 2 XS streaming entertainment device packs a whole lotta awesome into a $99 price tag. You plug the little box into your TV and it instantly delivers more than 350 internet channels via wifi to your TV. No more waiting for the mail to come with your Netflix DVD — this deliversNetflixAmazon Instant VideoHulu Plus, Disney, and so many more. 

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