“10 For Tebow” Pledges A Pro-Choice Donation For Every Tim Tebow Touchdown

A pro-choice organization boldly named The Abortion Gang began a personal pledge that has turned into a unique funding project — they’re urging fans of the Denver Broncos to make a donation to pro-choice groups every time star player Tim Tebow scores a touchdown. The reason behind the idea, coined “10 for Tebow,” is a little unconventional — Tim Tebow is notoriously pro-life. He’s even made a commercial with his mother in support of the organization Focus on the Family, a non-profit that is devoutly pro-life, anti-homosexual, anti-gay marriage, and against all sex education that goes beyond abstinence-only counseling.

To be honest, the extent of my football knowledge has come from a recent love affair with “Friday Night Lights” on Netflix, but if I’ve learned anything, it’s that a quarterback has a lot of sway with his fans. And boy, do people love Tebow. His celebratory kneel-and-pray touchdown moments have gained such notoriety, they’ve become an internet meme. So, will fans support a cause he’s against? I don’t think so, though The Abortion Gang founder Sophia Brugato views it as a way to harmonize both her appreciation for Tebow’s talent and her contempt for his views, and perhaps likeminded fans will do the same. The New York Observer jokes that rivals of the Denver Broncos seem more apt to donate as a way to spite Tebow every time he scores. 

Whether “10 for Tebow” picks up steam or not, it will hopefully inspire research and debate on both sides of the cause, which is never a bad thing. [NY Observer]