9 Totally Respectable Holiday “Regifts”

Some of us spend weeks planning our holiday gift shopping. Some of us make extensive lists and go on multiple shopping outings. And others of us wait until Christmas day to ransack our homes looking for something, anything, we can do without. Then we wrap it in emergency tissue paper we keep under the sink. Ok, I confess. I am a chronic regifter. I suppose I could blame it on busy-ness, lazy-ness, or poor-ness. But I won’t. There was a time in my life when I bought holiday gifts. But that time has passed. I haven’t gone holiday shopping in years. I feel secure in the knowledge that I show my loved ones how much they mean to me year-round. So why get all extravagant with gifts just because the season dictates it? Still, it’s nice to show up with a little something. After the jump, some totally respectable holiday regift ideas.

  1. The DVD you’ve watched 100 times. Slap a bow on that thing and it’s good to go. If you ever want to watch it again, you can always pirate it online.
  2. A gently burnt candle. Trim the wick so the black part isn’t exposed and it looks like it’s never been burned. Include a pack of matches if you really want to go all out.
  3. Anything that you get in a gift basket or goodie bag. I am lucky to have the kind of job where we get gift packages on the daily. In fact, we just got a delivery of popcorn and sweets! Nobody seems to be interested in the cranberry-flavored popcorn, which means it’s ripe for regifting. Other wonderful things I’ve regifted from goodie bags and care packages include: A charm necklace (still in the box). My mom loved it! Scented lotion. Eyeshadow set.  A bag of coffee. A vibrator and lube (unused, obvs).
  4. A book you only read once. The pages should be relativity uncreased. As long as you didn’t spill coffee on it or smear grease on the pages, no one will know the difference.
  5. Jewelry you never wear. Pop it in a pretty box and your regift secret is safe.
  6. Clothing that doesn’t fit. Just tell them you got it at a “vintage” or “consignment store.” Make sure there are no rips or stains. This works only if the items are designer or an unknown brand, not, like, H&M.
  7. Random bottle of booze. There’s a mini-bottle of tequila sitting in our office kitchen. I think I’ll slip it in my purse and put it in a box. Or, I probably have a random bottle of wine or vodka somewhere in my kitchen. Most everyone appreciates booze around the holidays.
  8. Picture frames. Pop out your photo. Dust the sucker. Wrap it. Regift. Rinse and repeat with as many picture frames as you’re willing to part with. If you really want to suck up, pop in a picture of you and the regiftee.
  9. Tiny bars of soap and other bathroom samples. If you shop at Sephora, stay in hotels a lot, or are a beauty and bath product hoarder like moi, then you probably have a stash of bath and shower samples. Make a little basket of them for a substantial regift.