Victoria’s Secret Uses Cotton Sourced By Child Laborers

Shocking: Victoria’s Secret is a house of lies! The cotton used for their underwear, which they deem on the labels as “fair trade” and “good for women, good for the children who depend on them,” has been outed by Bloomberg News. Turns out their methods aren’t quite as good or as fair as the company claims; in fact, their cotton wares are sourced by abused and unpaid children in Burkina Faso. Excellent! VS has been using cotton from the west African country for four years. Ironically, they launched a line of underwear in 2009 that “boasted about the cotton’s origins, as well as how purchases would improve the lives of Burkinabé cotton pickers.” To the brand’s credit, they’re upholding that they were unaware of the practices, and are “engaging with stakeholders to fully investigate this matter.” Get the full story here on Bloomberg. Fair warning: it’s pretty brutal. Now, put down those 3-for-$10 thongs. You don’t want them anyway! [Bloomberg]