Poll: Help Me Pick My New Mezzmer Glasses!

I am a lucky gal. The folks at online glasses retailer Mezzmer have offered me the chance to test out their “try at home” service in exchange for a complimentary pair of specs. Mezzmer allows shoppers to pick as many as five pairs to try at home. You simply add the pairs you’d like to try on to your cart and for a service fee of $1 — which is refunded to you in a couple of days — they send you the frames in a nice box to try on at home. When you decide on which frames you want, you mail the sample frames back (it comes with a return slip to slap on the same box they came in), and then order your final pair with your prescription. (You even have 30 days to return your glasses if for some reason you’re unhappy with them.)

The process is so simple, it’s ridiculous; and best of all, the frames they offer are super modern and cute. I already have a pair of tortoise shell glasses, so I was in the market for a statement-making black or grey pair. Click through this slideshow to see the frames I have to choose from and then vote below on which pair you think I should get! I’m not saying the power is entirely in your hands (I have a few favorites), but you could help sway me…

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