Hot Links: Christina Hendricks Busts Out, Plus 10 Dumb Lies Women Tell Men

  • Here is a whole mess of pictures of Christina Hendricks’ boobs bustin’ out. [TooFab]
  • I’m not going to lie, I am guilty of many of these “dumb lies women tell men.” [TruTV]
  • Actual headline: “Taxidermic Squirrels: They’re Just Like Us (Sort Of).” And there are photos! [Huffington Post]
  • Because nothing can ever be too complicated, her are 20 ways to talk about sex. [College Candy]
  • Lady Gaga has been named the highest early female musician of the year. [Starpulse]
  • Would you ever go on a double date with your ex? I would not. [YourTango]
  • Check out these insane celeb conspiracy theories that actually kind of make sense. [Cracked]
  • I grew up sleeping on futons. I wish my parents had read a guide to buying a comfortable one. [StyleList Home]