Style Inspiration: “The Artist”‘s Peppy Miller

Last weekend, I saw “The Artist,” a new French film set in the silent movie era, and shot as a silent movie would be. The film is charming and adorable — a must-see — and the clothes of the era are deftly highlighted. The gorgeous flapper dresses, cloche hats and curls the protagonist Peppy Miller wears made me long for the clothes of that era. While you can buy original 1920s and ’30s items for hundreds and even thousands of dollars, the less expensive bet is to go for reproductions of vintage pieces, or vintage-inspired works. We’ve found a handful for your perusal after the jump!

1. Claudette early 1930s-inspired dress, Vintage Dressmaker, $300
2. Nanette Lepore Daydreams Plisse Dress, Neiman Marcus, $226
3. Stella Tan Dress, Indie Fashion Marketplace, $299
4. 1930s Dress with Trumpet Skirt, The Black Wardrobe, $116
5. 1930s Montmarte Dress, Buffalo Vintage, $152
6. Haute Hippie Draped-Back Long Dress, Neiman Marcus, $405