Evening Quickies: Miley Cyrus Tweets About Her Boobs

  • Say what you will about Miley Cyrus, but she’s pretty dedicated to promoting a realistic body image for young women and girls. Her latest battle? Denying she’s had a boob job. “Thank you for a compliment, but these babies are all mine!” Miley tweeted. “I wish [people would] realized you don’t have to be fake to be beautiful.” And in case someone still didn’t get it, Miley tweeted, “I’m 19! BOOBS GROW, PEOPLE!” [Us Weekly
  • Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry sold at auction last night for a record-busting $115 million. [The Stir]
  • Holiday gifts to bring when you’re meeting his family. [TresSugar]
  • Kate Middleton’s Christmas at the palace is going to be horrible because she won’t be able to lie around in her pajamas all morning. I’m not being sarcastic here. That really does sound horrible. Poor dear. [Us Weekly]

  • In praise of dating guys who work in finance (who, admittedly, haven’t had the best PR lately). [The Gloss]
  • Women apparently don’t care about seeing “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” in theaters. Do you? [NYmag.com]
  • Marc Anthony throws “tantrums” over J.Lo’s new boyfriend, 24-year-old Casper Smart. [Us Weekly]
  • It’s a “Julie & Julia”/”The Iron Lady” mashup! [BuzzFeed]
  • I envy anyone who can pull off the keyhole dress trend during the winter. (I’m looking at you, southern California.) [NY Girl Style]
  • Frisky contributer Sally McGraw tips her hat to Ellen DeGeneres’ androgynous style. [Already Pretty]
  • The 20 types of unhappy people you will meet in the comments sections of year-end lists. [NPR]

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