Evening Quickies: “American Horror Story” House For Sale

  • You might think twice about living here … but the haunted house from “American Horror Story” is for sale in L.A.. The six-bedroom, five-bath home, featuring stained-glass windows and six vintage fireplaces, is on the market for $4.5 million. There may or may not be a rapist ghost in a latex suit skulking around in the basement. [AOL]
  • There’s an Irish version of “Jersey Shore” called “Tallafornia” about boozers in West Dublin. [Crushable]
  • Nikki Blonksy from “Hairspray” and the recently-canceled “Huge” is working at a Long Island hair salon to pay the bills while she goes on auditions. This makes me love her even more! I hope you get cast in something soon, Nikki! [RadarOnline]
  • Men on whether or not they’d tell their girlfriend she “needs to diet.” Ooof. Mark my words, no good can come of this.[The Gloss]
  • This chick almost died from taking the birth control pill Yaz. Eeek! (In fairness, that’s not a common side effect, ladies.) [College Candy]
  • Dylan McDermott with his shirt off, saying nice things about gays. You’re welcome, everyone. [Queerty]
  • Frisky contributor Sally McGraw on the flip side of jealousy. [Already Pretty]
  • This woman found a baby seal on her couch. Why don’t these things ever happen to meeeeee? [The Stir]
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Image via AOL.com