December 13: What Are We Wearing Today? (NSFW!)

First of all, can I get a HALLELUJAH! that Mercury goes direct and out of retrograde tonight? Hallelujah! Thanks for indulging me.

Secondly, today’s “What Are We Wearing” is kind of, sort of NSFW. There’s bare boob! No, none of us is going topless today, but I did receive a bizarre gift in the mail today. It’s an “adult party game” called Titty Grab. It’s a card game, but the main draw is that it comes with a very large, fake, soft, realistic-ish breast. You apparently put it in the center of the table when you’re playing and grab it for some reason. I haven’t read the directions yet, as I have been too busy fondling the tit all day. I ever made the editors pose with it. As it has a rather realistic-looking nipple, I guess you might consider it NSFW-ish. So, warning.