Tell Us Your Holiday Party Horror Stories!

So, this one time, this friend of ours, well, she got a litttttttle too drunk and managed to give a superior a lap dance at their annual office Christmas party. Another time? We’re not naming names, but somebody we know managed to throw up — on the bar — in front of her new boss. And oh, this other friend, well let’s not talk about what happened in the copier closet.

Think you can top those horrible party mistakes? We’re betting you can! Got an embarrassing holiday party story you’d like to share? Please send them over, and we’ll round them up (with a red bow, obvs). We’ll post them anonymously, of course, so you can keep your shame and your inability to hold liquor to yourself.

Send all hilarious, ridiculous, over-the-top holiday party stories (you know, like “30 Rock’s” Ludachristmas episode) to [email protected] by Monday, December 19 with the subject: HOLIDAY PARTY HORROR STORY.