12 Examples Of Not-Totally-Repulsive Incestuous Relationships In Pop Culture

Hey, did you watch “Dexter” on last night? Well, I won’t give anything away about the search for the Doomsday Killer or Colin Hanks’ constipated acting technique, but consider this a SPOILER ALERT about an out-of-nowhere possible subplot for the series. On last night’s episode, Debra Morgan’s therapist — who I was kind of hoping might end up igniting some latent lesbian fantasies for our favorite foul-mouthed Lieutenant — suggests that Deb is hot for Dexter. Dexter, of course, is Deb’s brother, though they are not related by blood. While initially pissed off by the suggestion, she starts to, well, entertain the thought that her shrink may be right. Seriously … is “Dexter” really going to go there?! 

Let me be the first to say, I SURE HOPE SO. I love Dexter and Deb’s chemistry, brought to life by the real relationship between their portrayers, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, who were married for a couple of years. Yes, the relationship is totally taboo, but, hello, this is a show about a serial killer. Everything about it is vaguely f**ked up. Anyway, I think this totally shocking twist is something that the show will pursue in greater depths next season, especially since this season ends next week. Dexter and Deb do have a very special relationship, one that he will never have with anyone else considering his … limitations. And purely from a psychological point-of-view, I think the idea of there being romantic/sexual feelings between non-blood siblings is something “Dexter” would do a good job exploring. Or maybe I just want Dexter to get laid really badly and don’t care who it’s with.

Incest of the sorta-sexy variety in TV and movies is more common than you might think. Here is just a brief overview of a few of those (consensual!) incestuous relationships that didn’t make our stomachs turn.