The Week In Review: Fashion By The Numbers

What an exciting December week we’ve had! Shakira chopped off her signature long locks, Chanel debuted a surprisingly affordable product, the Biebs took to the stage in a horrific Christmas cardigan — and that’s only the beginning. Read on for the crucial facts and figures….

1700: Estimated price, in dollars, of Justin Bieber’s fugly Christmas cardigan.

50: Price, in dollars, of a far superior “all-American Christmas sweater” I just found on eBay.

4000: Number of teabags a Malaysian teen used to construct the surprisingly lovely dress that won her an eco-fashion contest.

100: Number of Chanel-brand makeup wipes you’ll get in a pack for 20 bucks.

25: Number of Neutrogena makeup wipes you’ll get in a pack for $6.99, which actually makes the Chanel brand (gasp!) the better deal.

6: Hours Shakira was holed up in a Barcelona salon on Tuesday, before emerging with a sleek new bob.

10: Minutes it takes to create this fun, swirly hairstyle.

60: Number of stores — housed in converted shipping containers — in the world’s first pop-up shopping mall that opened in London over the weekend.

7: Number of days it takes Dita Von Teese to fall out of practice, if she neglects to do her eyeliner daily.

12: Ways to wear a men’s shirt you’ll see in this video.

55: Beauty Secrets compiled in this handy list.

17-1463: Color code of “Tangerine Tango,” which Pantone just tapped as the defining shade of 2012.

940,715: Total price, in dollars, of the gifts in the Vogue Holiday Gift Guide.

0: Members of the 99 percent who will be buying anything from the Vogue Holiday Gift Guide.