So, What’s Wrong With This Karlie Kloss Photo?

Last week, a series of photos of model Karlie Kloss went up on Vogue Italia’s website. The shots, by photographer Stephen Meisel, prominently featured the mostly-nude body of Kloss. But just as quickly as the photos went up, one shot — this shot — was taken down. And fashionistas began surmising that perhaps Kloss’s taut, toned figure seemed just a little too slim and skinny. But it’s curious that one particular photo was singled out as being too extreme, as the entire shoot has already been popping up on pro-anorexia websites as “thinspiration” fodder.

And, in fact, it seems rather too little too late, given Vogue Italia’s history of printing and promoting uber skinny, emaciated models. To somehow censor one photo in a shoot rife with jutting ribs, hips and bony clavicles seems like a careless afterthought.

For her part, Kloss is proud of the shoot. “I think they’re beautiful photos and I’m very proud of all of them,” she told Styleite. “I’m happy with the results. I think that they’re photos that are hopefully going to become iconic. I had so much fun with the shoot, I was so happy to do it.”

What do you think? Do you think it’s smart for Vogue Italia to remove the image? Or hypocritical?