Girl Barred From Final Exam For Wearing Skinny Jeans

Rachel Vermillion, a senior at Bringham Brigham Young University in Idaho, was barred from taking a final exam because a male college employee deemed her skinny jeans too tight and not in compliance with the campuses Dress and Grooming Standards. Dress codes are to be expected at a Mormon college. However, Rachel had worn the same outfit all day and had not only taken another exam earlier, but had met with a LDS bishop in regards to congregational business. Rachel said she was told the appropriateness of outfits is judged “at the discretion of the testing center employees.”  

In response to the situation, Vermillion said, “It was really frustrating because there were skinny girls who were wearing tight pants who were getting admitted, but I’m curvy so my regular-fitting pants were a little bit tighter on me and he wouldn’t let me in.” When she told the male employee she did not have enough time to go home and change before taking the test, she said he told her, “That’s not my problem.” 

She was wrongly judged — and slut-shamed, since her curvy body in skinny jeans was deemed more “too sexy” when more lithe womens’ bodies were not — and the fault rests in an unclear dress code. Hopefully, her case will inspire a clearer dress code and better conduct on the part of college employees. 

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