Bro-Tastic GoDaddy Commercial Might Actually Air During Super Bowl This Year

For the first time in eight years, the network hosting the Super Bowl has actually accepted the preliminary script for’s bro-tastic commercial pitches. Six racy “Internet only” commercials later — including one rejected commercial with a “beaver” entrendre — I’m still trying to align my neck after all of that strategic screen blocking. GoDaddy certainly isn’t unique in its marketing of sex, especially during the biggest football game of the year. It’s just their total lack of cleverness that normally cushions the hot-girls-performing-exaggerated-sexuality-for-guys message that make them more crude.

Allow me to give you a rundown…

Busty girls in tiny white GoDaddy tank tops consistently rip off their pants with the flick of the wrist before doing a stripper-esque dance routine; girls wet their T-shirts or conveniently happen upon the hood of a car mid-striptease. Most of their television commercials lead up to almost-lewd content before prompting viewers to visit their website for the “unrated” racier version.

At least the company’s recent commercials are more self-aware — not that it makes them less about performing for the male viewer. In “The Contract,” spokeswomen Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels refuse to do another “stunt” until their agent informs them they are contractually obligated. The women finally emerge partially nude, wearing only the GoDaddy logo, before doing a kitschy song and dance routine.

The self-mockingness is appreciated … but it’s still a bit sad.


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