Anderson Cooper Demystifies Polyamorous Parenting

In case you were curious about how polyamorous relationships work in practice, especially when a child is involved, Anderson Cooper got up close and personal with a triad on his show. Okay, follow me here: Jaiya Ma and Jon Hanauer have been together since they met at Tantric Yoga teacher training 10 years ago. At some point, Jaiya brought another man into the relationship, but things ended with a bad breakup. Jaiya’s tendency was to “connect” post-breakup, while Jon’s was to “retreat.” So, instead of breaking up, Jon encouraged Jaiya to find someone else. Eventually, she met Ian Ferguson in dance class and they had an instant connection. Jaiya became pregnant with Ian’s baby. Now the three of them live together with two-year-old Eamon. Interestingly, Jon (not the biological father of Eamon) does a good portion of the child care. You can watch an additional clip of Anderson’s interview with them here. Do I smell a sitcom here?

But seriously, their family fascinates me. While their set-up seems like it could get rather confusing, it appears to be working well for them. If all parties are happy, what’s the problem? I think this instinct toward finding many people to fulfill our needs rather than just one is healthy concept for the evolution of relationships and families in general — polyamorous or not. It’s just a matter of whether a couple chooses to do that romantically or not. [Oddity Central]

What do you think? Would this family situation be something you would consider?