What The Hell Really Went Down At The “Top Model” Finale?

Heads up! This post is going to contain major spoilers about the season finale of “America’s Next Top Model.” Last night the winner was crowned, someone was disqualified, and there were a whole lot of unanswered questions that I had to get to the bottom of. Spoilers, after the jump!

I’m not going to bother recapping the ridiculousness that was that underwater runway show and am just gonna skip to the end. At the final judging, there should have been three models standing before the judges — Lisa, Allison, and Angelea. Instead, Tyra announced that producers heard something from Angelea that disqualified her from the competition and that the judges would be evaluating only Lisa and Allison. It was clear immediately that the judging was a reshoot; both Allison and Lisa looked different than they had in the final runway show. This, of course, implies that judging had already taken place in Greece and Angelea had done something after the finale was shot that disqualified her. But why reshoot unless Angelea had originally won?

According to, uh, sources on the internet, that is exactly what happened. Despite being in the bottom two for half the competition, Angelea was crowned the winner. (Tyra loves a from-behind win.) So what did she do to get disqualified and have Tyra eating her words? Apparently she leaked who the final three were on her Facebook page and may have even leaked that she had won the show, which was in clear violation of her contract. She was disqualified and the finale was reshot in Los Angeles. (Some say that Angelea was asked to come to the reshoot, but because she knew that she wouldn’t win, she didn’t show up, and that’s why Tyra revealed she had been disqualified to explain her absence.) I also think the producers were hoping the real story behind her disqualification wouldn’t get out and that fans would think she was pregnant. From what I’ve read, that is not the case, and her disqualification was solely based on breaking her contract by leaking final three information.

In the new ending, Lisa was crowned the winner. I never thought Angelea deserved to be in the final three let alone the winner, but I feel kind of bad for the girl. She wanted to win so bad and she did — and then her own stupid mouth got in the way. I also feel bad for Allison — she had to sit through two judging panels only to lose twice! No wonder she looked so irritated. Meanwhile, Lisa must feel a little cheated knowing she was actually the show’s runner-up and won on a technicality. It’s not that I ever took this show seriously as a modeling competition, but dang, did it ever end on a lame note.

What do you think of how the show ended?