Reader Mail: “Thank You For Giving My Sister Something To Smile About”

We get quite a lot of reader mail at The Frisky; notes urging us to keep up the good work, some corrections or complaints, lots of tips for stories we should cover, and plenty of letters responding to posts we’ve run. We read and appreciate them all. But occasionally an email arrives that immediately gets shared with the entire staff and, on rarer occasions, is one we want to share with the site’s readership. Today, such an email found its way into my inbox. With the writer’s permission, I’m printing it after the jump.

Just a brief note to express gratitude. My sister has been undergoing treatment for leukemia the past year, and recently passed away. I wanted to let you know that every day up until a couple weeks ago, she would read your blog or have someone read it to her. She rarely missed a day, and constantly talked about the funny stories and uplifting distractions. You were a wonderful alternative to the stark reality of her condition, and I can’t tell you how many times we caught her laughing over your site, or buried in some article that she found fascinating. I am not a follower of The Frisky myself, but on behalf of our family I would like to thank you for giving my sister something to smile about. Keep up the good work and know that you are touching more people than you could possibly know. God bless.

I wanted to run this letter not because I saw an opportunity to toot The Frisky’s horn, but because I thought it was a sad, but lovely reminder of the power we each have to make an impact on another person’s life, often without realizing it. We are truly humbled and grateful that this woman took the time to reach out to us during what must be a very difficult time and equally as humbled and grateful to have brought some distraction and amusement to her sister during the last few months of her life. I also wanted to publicly, in addition to privately, express the staff’s condolences to her entire family. 

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