Pakistani Actress Sues Over Alleged Photoshopped Nude Pics

India and Pakistan haven’t exactly been the best of neighbors since, oh, the beginning of time. (Something to do with who claims ownership over the territory of Kashmir, which lies in the geographic middle of the two countries). The latest breach between the two? A Pakistani model claims that the Indian version of lad mag FHM doctored a photo of her to make it appear as though she were nude on the cover of its latest issue.

Pakistani model and actress Veena Malik says she was originally topless, but not bottomless in the shots–and she’s suing the mag for $2 million dollars. The photos have caused her great personal shame in the predominantly Muslim country, and government officials are considering revoking her citizenship. “There will be action. Cancellation of her citizenship, banning her entry in the country or trying her in a court are the options,” said one government official. And even her father has turned his back on her. “I have disowned her. I have severed all ties with her,” he told an international news service. “I don’t want her to have any share in whatever meager assets I have until she is cleared of the controversy and pledges not to visit India again.”

To our eyes the photos do look like they could have been Photoshopped — and FHM’s less-than-on-the-level response to the controversy somewhat backs up Malik’s claim. When the mag was asked to release a video taken from the day of the shoot they refused.

So what’s your take? Does the shot look ‘shopped to you? [NY Post]