10 Makeup Palettes That Are Almost Too Pretty To Use

I’ll admit it: much of the reason I own so much makeup is because I’m a sucker for aesthetics. Glossy gold tubes, shiny lettering, minimalist sans-serif fonts… these are all variables that contribute to me forking over my debit card in yet another Sephora sin, but what really gets me is colors. When I open up a compact to reveal a shimmering champagne shadow, my heart goes all aflutter. If you’re anything like me, and subtle luminescence is your crack cocaine, you’ll know how I feel about compact palettes. Lately, a number of companies have been rolling out this riff on the traditional make-up palette. They generally contain complementary shades made for the face or eyes or both, as they’re packed into powder bricks. The bottom line? Some of these radiant offerings are veritable works of art.