Model Horribly Injured In Freak Airplane Propeller Accident

Twenty-three-year-old Lauren Scruggs, a model and former intern for “Gossip Girl” who you may or may not recognize from her fashion blog, sustained devastating injuries after accidentally walking into the spinning propeller of a small plane. It may sound bizarre at first, but remember that a spinning propeller would be entirely invisible to the naked eye. Surgeons were forced to amputate Lauren’s left hand, and her entire left side, including her shoulder and head, was mangled in the accident. This is one of those things that you call a freak accident. Doctors are not yet fully aware of the extent of the damage to Lauren’s brain, but she has begun to speak and open her right eye to see. I’m just glad to hear that Lauren is alive and making progress. We wish her the speediest, and fullest, of recoveries. [Fox]