Diablo Cody Says She Suffers From “Imposter Syndrome”

“I think women in particular — and, in fact, I’m acting as if this is my original thought, it’s on the Internet that women in particular are more susceptible to imposter syndrome, and for some reason, it’s very rare in men. Women who experience any degree of success tend to often believe deep down inside that they’ve fooled everyone and that they don’t actually have any talent or skill. And I feel like that every day of my life, but like I said, obsess or keep working.”

– Diablo Cody, the writer behind “Juno,” “Jennifer’s Body,” and the new film, “Young Adult” (out this Friday), talks to Movies.com about “imposter syndrome,” which she says she has. I haven’t been diagnosed with imposter syndrome — yet! — but I am planning on discussing it with my therapist during next week’s session, because I totally relate.

Even though I know I work hard, I’m not always sure that I’m worthy of the success that I’ve had. In my lower self-esteem moments, I don’t believe I’m capable of achieving more than I already have. I certainly compare myself to other women in my peer group who, in my mind, have done “more” — authors I admire like Rachel Shukert, for example, or comedians/writers like Mindy Kaling — and feel like a hack in comparison. Do any of you suffer from imposter syndrome? What do you think of Cody’s assessment that it’s something that mostly women deal with? (Side note: I saw “Young Adult” and it is really fantastic. I’ll post a review this week, but in short, I don’t believe Cody is an imposter in the slightest.) [Movies.com]