Amy Winehouse’s Voice Lives On

When Amy Winehouse passed away after a long battle with drug and alcohol addiction, there was an understandable fear that the circumstances surrounding her death would overshadow the talent she had in life. But the response from fans and many critics to Lioness: Hidden Treasures, her posthumous album, out today, suggests we have nothing to worry about. Recorded over the course of her career, many of these tracks are remastered versions of old favorites, like “Valerie” and “Tears Dry On Their Own.” But there are also a few new tunes, like a gorgeous cover of “Our Day Will Come” and a collaboration with rapper Nas called “Like Smoke.” While Lionessisn’t the Winehouse album we would have gotten if she was still with us today, the craving that remains for Amy’s music above all else is proof that her true legacy lives on. [$9.99, Amazon]