OMG, Teen Sexting Is, Like, So Not Cool

Sexting is, like, so not cool. Only one percent of kids age 10 to 17 have shared naked pics of themselves, according to new data released today in the journal Pediatrics. Researchers on the APA study disputed a commonly cited piece of data which said that one in five — or 20 percent — of kids ages 14 to 24 had sexted. But that definition of “sext” had included sexy text messages without photos, as well as photos “no more revealing than what someone might see at a beach,” according to the AP.  This new study asked teens — and only teens — to be more explicit about the images that they send and receive.  Clearly the past inclusion of twentysomethings in the survey pool skewed the results. In fact, the younger kids are, the less likely they are to sext.

Wait, you mean America was whipped up into a frenzy over a teen sex panic that turned out to be nothing? You don’t say!

I would also suspect that teens and tweens are more aware now that if they send a naked pic of themselves, even if it is to a trusted friend or boyfriend/girlfriend, it may soon be spread all around the school. They’ve also seen celebrities like Brett Favre and politicians like Anthony Weiner publicly humiliated when sexting scandals became public.  

But then again, maybe the kids have moved on to something much cooler — peep shows over FaceTime, anyone? — and us clueless grownups just don’t know about it yet!


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