Hot Links: H&M Lingerie Models Are “Completely Virtual” & How Britney Spears Spent Her 30th

  • Oh, so those bizarre looking H&M lingerie models are “completely virtual.”[NY Mag]
  • Stars of “The Virgin Diaries” are no longer virgins. Congrats! [Too Fab]
  • Finally, a hashtag to remind us of all the things we shouldn’t do while intoxicated. #whenyourdrunknever … [College Candy]
  • How did Britney Spears spend her 30th? Hint: It involved the mall, ice skating, and a trip to Mexico. [Too Fab]
  • Whatever you do, don’t storm into City Hall with a dead raccoon carcass if you want people to think you’re sane. [Huffington Post]
  • This guy thinks he knows the secret of how to win any argument with his woman. Slow clap. [Ask Men]