Herman Cain Suspends Campaign After Affair Accusation

Because being accused of an affair is apparently worse than being accused of sexually harassing a bunch of women, Herman Cain has suspended his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. Cain told supporters on Saturday he is leaving the race over “the continued distraction.” (Weirdly, the announcement came one day after his campaign launched a laughably bizarre “Women For Cain” website.) And regarding the actual accusation by Atlanta woman Ginger White that they’ve been boinking for 13 years? He continued his tactic of deny, deny, deny.

“These false, unproved allegations continue to be spinned in the media and in the court of public opinion,” Cain said, continuing:

“My wife didn’t say ‘Do it or don’t do it.’ She just said, ‘I support you.’ I recognized the pain in her. And the pain it was causing her and my family because of the constant spinning [and] spinning, when the allegations were false and unproved to begin with, that just wasn’t something that I wanted her and family to continue to go through.”

That’s a totally different picture from chatter last week surrounding the Cain marriage: The Daily Beast quoted family friends and campaign workers who said Gloria Cain is well-aware of Herman’s cheating and that she mostly leaves him alone to do his own thing. But, hey, whatever.

Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the Cain’s marriage. But I am deeply disturbed by the treatment of the sexual harassment accusers and White by the mainstream media, the Cain campaign, and Cain supporters. It’s absolute BS that instead of numerous disturbing sexual harassment allegations, his campaign may go kaput over an alleged consensual affair. Even if Herman Cain fades away into ignominy, the message that women and girls across America will have received is that if your boss is a creeper, you should keep your mouth shut

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