SpaghettiOs Pizza: What’s Your Weirdest Food Invention?

I’m not sure how I feel about SpaghettiOPs pizza, which is a real thing a guy name Adam Kuban made, documented and presumably ate recently. On the one hand, SpaghettiOs and pizza, together. On the other hand, that’s a lot of bread on pasta. But on the other other hand, I used to like eating spaghetti sandwiches as a kid, before I knew what a carb was.

But that’s hardly my only foodovation. As a kid, I used to make “everything in the refrigerator” sandwiches, which basically involved putting one of pretty much whatever could be remotely considered sandwich-worthy in between a couple of slices of bread — including pickles, olives, every condiment crammed into the side shelf, and every lunch meat I could find. Of course, it typically tasted disgusting, and I could only manage to choke down one or two bites. I can’t be the only one, right? You made weird food crafts and creations, too?

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