Avoid The Top Dating Disaster

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “Oh my god, he’s the one!,” within hours, days, or mere weeks after meeting a new guy? The trouble is, when you fall hard and fast, you aren’t really falling for him, because you don’t even know him- yet. Instead, you’re falling for the ideal man in your head, who you’re hoping he’ll be.

Here are some common signs of falling too fast. Within the first few weeks:

  • You’re obsessed: You can’t stop thinking and talking about him.
  • You’re in constant contact: You talk, text, or email every day, or even more frequently.
  • You’re together often: You spend several weeknights and almost all weekend together.
  • You’re higher than a kite: You experience intense emotions, which can include highs and lows.
  • You can’t keep your hands off of him: You hop into bed and enjoy a whirlwind of romance right away.

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