4 Celebrity Workout Videos That Should Not Have Been

Cracked | December 4, 2011 - 2:30 pm

Do you want a hot body like your favorite Hollywood star? Would you settle for second favorite? Third? Look, how about you tell me where LaToya Jackson ranks in your top 10 and we’ll go from there. The aerobics VHS tape is apparently some trial that every celebrity must go through, and after years of research and $1.96, I’ve tracked down the four worst.
#4. LaToya Jackson’s Step Up Workout (1993): Years ago, amateur Indiana biochemists went through the Jackson’s garbage in an attempt to create a second Michael out of food scraps and discarded maxi pads. LaToya Jackson was the shrieking and unkillable result of that experiment. Do not be fooled by LaToya Jackson’s timid Michael Jackson impersonation — it will use your bones to build its nest. Read more…