Lady Gaga Gets Naked — Really Naked — In “Marry The Night” Video

Check out the video premiere of Lady Gaga’s “Marry the Night”!  If you think you’ve seen every artistic, emotional and physical angle of Gaga, as always, think again. Never failing to push her own boundaries, “Marry the Night” is a psychotic whirlwind hinting of “Black Swan,” “Flashdance” and “Girl, Interrupted.” There is the usual lush excess — ballet slippers with 8-inch pointers, a hat like Saturn, outfits to die for — but a more personal quality, as well. 

Reminiscent of her own journey to stardom, the video follows a fallen wannabe starlet as she pushes aside her traumatic past and builds her way to the top. In addition to shadowing her own experiences, the video is also Gaga’s directorial debut. She features herself in various states of emotionally vulnerability .. .sobbing, going ape shit and trashing her home, and dancing (like no one’s watching!). And goodness gracious, do we see her naked. Between the thonged leotards and creative pasties, I thought I already had a pretty good idea of what Gaga looked like in the buff, but this video has eliminated any gray areas in my imagination. She’s naked in a bathtub, topless in bed, topless and writhing in cheerios. And let’s not forget the many, many, many (inventive) camera angles that show off her shapely derriere.

Drama, debauchery, vulnerability! All in all, a rousing Gaga success, though I’m on the team that thinks Ms. Stefani Germanotta can never disappoint. How do you guys think “Marry the Night” holds up?