8 “Wait, They Dated?!” Former Celeb Couples

I pride myself on my vast knowledge of celebrities, particularly their love lives. Ever since my grandmother handed me a tattered issue of The National Enquirer as a young lass and affectionately called it “The Trash,” celebrity gossip has been my guilty pleasure. So, I’m always more than a little surprised when I find out two stars dated and no one bothered to tell me. This morning, I was perusing a great Tumblr called “Old Loves,” featuring photos of celeb couples who once dated, and found eight I had no idea about.

Like Brad Pitt and Thandie Newton, who dated after he split from Juliette Lewis. The two met on the set of “Interview with a Vampire,” in which she played his maid. They make an attractive pair, don’t they?

The rest of these random former celeb couples are just as epic. Click onward to see what I mean…