New Software Can Tell You How Much Pics Have Been Photoshopped

Surprise, surprise: basically all of the photos we see in the media today are Photoshopped in some way. Lighting is tweaked; blemishes, pores, and cellulite vanish; and wrinkles smooth into oblivion. But now two computer image specialists at Dartmouth College have developed a software program that can tell, say, feminist bloggers just how much an image has been altered.

However, it doesn’t sound overwhelmingly scientifically accurate: the software takes before and after images and grades the amount of change on a scale of one to five. They calibrated the results by surveying “hundreds of people online,” according to the Daily Mail, asking them to judge the before and after images on the one to five scale, with the lowest score being an insignificant or unnoticeable difference and the highest being an almost unrecognizable photo. But if you’ve already got the before and after photos, who really needs it? [Guardian UK]