Evening Quickies: Kris Humphries Wants An Annulment

  • Kris Humphries has responded to Kim Kardashian’s divorce filing by requesting a legal separation that will allegedly ultimately lead to him seeking an annulment. Apparently an annulment rather than a divorce means Kris is not going to squabble over Kim’s money — not that he would get any from their prenup, anyway. [People, Us Weekly]
  • Lea Michele and Taylor Swift have both auditioned for the coveted role of Eponine in the “Les Miserables” musical remake. Sorry, Tay-Tay but Lea Michele has the singing chops for this Broadway remake! (And if you don’t believe me, watch this.) But I’ll give her this: Taylor definitely has more of the waifish lovesick French girl look. Oh, and Scarlett Johannson and Evan Rachel Wood are also in the running, but bitches, please. [New York Post]
  • Christopher Meloni might be headed to “True Blood” next season. [TVline]
  • The band Hanson is launching their own beer. [The Star]
  • OK, people, it’s time to stop with the foolishness: Ryan Gosling-inspired home decorating interiors. Really? [Apartment Therapy]
  • How to break up with a woman, according to Frisky pal Julianne Smolinski. [GQ]
  • Forty Christmas ornaments that are as nerdy as they are awesome! And sorry for bringing up Christmas when November isn’t even over yet. [Uproxx]
  • Speaking of the holidays — gulp — here’s how to give gifts to your new squeeze. [TresSugar]
  • Things you probably won’t ever hear me say. [The Hairpin]
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