And The Winners Are … The Most Defining Life Moments!

Last week, we asked you to tell us about the most defining moment in your life for the chance to win a copy of Beyonce’s “Live At Roseland: The Elements Of 4” Deluxe DVD set. It was hard to choose winners considering how inspiring all the entries were. Check out the winners’ defining life moments after the jump.

Carlos Saravia wrote:

My most defining moment in my life was when I got accepted into a university. I grew up in a not so great part of Houston, TX and I witnessed a lot of negative things. Mainly from my family. None of my relatives finished high school and my whole life I was never really pushed to try hard in school. After awhile, I accepted the fact that sooner or later I was going to have to get a job and forget about my silly dreams of becoming a music teacher. During my senior year of high school, I applied for different universities and auditioned for their schools of music because it seemed like everyone at my school was so excited to start college and do something with their lives. I figured what the heck, it wouldn’t hurt to see what these schools think about me. Well, I got accepted into all of the schools I auditioned for. ME! The kid that always thought it wasn’t going to get any better than a high school diploma. The kid that thought he was going to just be a part of that never ending cycle of complacency. When I got my first acceptance letter, that’s when it hit me. I am capable of doing whatever I dream of doing. That was the most defining moment in my life. I was the first to graduate from high school and attend college in my family. Now, I’m in my 4th year at the University of Houston studying to become a music teacher.

Colormelovee Iam wrote:

My most defining moment has to be the point in my life where I realized how to love me for who I am. Growing up a homosexual, is not an easy task. Being placed in a box, because I’m out of the norm. While I was in school, I often would try to act straight. Even though, I would do these straight things I knew I was gay and I had a natural attraction to boys. It took me always half my life to realize that I am perfect the way I am.

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