And The Winner Is … Too Mad To Back Down!

Last week, we asked you to tell us about you were too mad to back down for the chance to win a “Dixie Chicks Storytellers” DVD, CD and signed poster.  Check out the winner’s story of a time she was not ready to make nice, after the jump.

applescruffs wrote:

I started working as a psychology intern at a university last year. At the beginning of the year, the other interns and I were going around to meet people in the different departments on campus. At one department, we were asked where we were from. I’m from Littleton, Colorado, and another intern was from Blacksburg, Virginia (and at Virginia Tech). The person we were being introduced to said, “They shoot people there, don’t they?” and laughed. I was silent for the rest of the meeting, and my co-intern didn’t say much either. A few weeks later a supervisor was telling me that sometimes I would seem offended and clam up in meetings, and brought that up as an example, indicating I should not have been offended by what this person had said. I told her I was incredibly offended, as was my co-intern, that jokes like that were not appropriate in any situation and to anyone, and if you had been through what our communities had been through you wouldn’t even think of responding in that manner to us. I said I was sure she would have preferred me to not say anything than to take call him out for being so insensitive, since it was my first week, but that if anything like that came up again she could rest assured that I would not be silent.

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