Woman Goes Through Life Dressed Like 19th Century Author Charlotte Bronte

UPDATE: It has come to our attention from Lyn-Marie Cunliffe that this story, as it was reported on the Daily Mail UK and the UK Telegraph, is not true. 

We all know that fans can be, well, fanatical. But this 49-year-old British mother has taken her love of Victorian literature just a touch too far: Lyn-Marie Cunliffe goes about her daily life dressed in full period garb as Charlotte Bronte, author of Jane Eyre. Talk about loving vintage, huh? Lyn-Marie began strolling around town dressed as the 19th century author three years ago, pointing tourists in the right direction to the Bronte house in Haworth, near where she lives. Now she says, “I love my costumes so much it’s hard to take them off!” I imagine it’s even more difficult to put them on in the first place, what with the corsets and hoop skirts.

The best of this whole story is that she frequents her local McDonald’s in her costumes, mainly because they have drinks with lids to avoid spilling on the fashions she has spent over £4,000 (approximately $6,246) to create. Ah, fandom! 

[Daily Mail UK]

Image via Daily Mail UK