What Did You Buy For Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

When God was handing out common sense, she skipped over me entirely (but gave me a little extra junk in the trunk to compensate!). I’ve been buying gifts for my nieces all year; I bought my mom’s Christmas present months ago; and two weekends ago I hit up Bloomie’s to buy a little something-something for my dude. Alas, that sound you hear is my debit card whimpering. Sorry, little guy.

If you have more sense than me, which is basically everyone other than Charlie Sheen, you waited until Black Friday or Cyber Monday for the good deals. The J.Crew and Kate Spade sales taunted me all weekend long — taunted, I tell you!  I am crazy jealous of anyone who got good deals this weekend, especially if they were on that one Kate Spade bag that I’m willing to pepper-spray someone to own. (Too soon?) 

What did everyone pick up on Black Friday or Cyber Monday — anything good? Tell us in the comments! 

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