Today’s Lady News: The Real Girl Belly Project

  • I love, love, LOVE xoJane’s “Real Girl Belly Project,” which is publishing 75 photos of real women’s un-Photoshopped bellies. [xoJane]
  • A new book about the actress Hedy Lamarr sheds light on her second career as an inventor who contributed to technology that is now used in Bluetooth, GPS and cellphone networks. Crazy, huh? [NPR]
  • Journalist Kate Bolick, whose Atlantic Monthly piece about how she and many other 30something women may never may, has seen her article optioned for a TV series by the same guy who did “Drop Dead Diva.” [Guardian UK]
  • Rep. Michele Bachmann finally got an apology from a muckety-muck at NBC for a sexist musical selection when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. It wasn’t the muckety-muck she wanted to apologize to her, though. [CNN]
  • After 36 hours in an Egyptian prison, the Egyptian-American filmmaker Jehane Noujaim talks about the events in Cairo’s Tahrir Square that led to her arrest on phony charges. [Hollywood Reporter
  • Police in Afghanistan humiliated a transvestite man by forcing him to undress with a video camera rolling. Disgusting. [Daily Mail UK]
  • The rape accusation against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the IMF and a one-time candidate for the French presidency, will get its own academic conference. [New York Observer]
  • How has bike riding helped underprivileged Indian girls? [Guardian UK]
  • Canada’s new $100 bill depicts a woman! Woot, woot! [Ms. Magazine]
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