“Mad Men”‘s Vincent Kartheiser Thinks Real Ad Men Are “Scumbags”

“I think it’s funny that so many people are now dressing and acting like these guys [on “Mad Men”], who, in my opinion, are kind of scumbags. These guys who are selling advertising and telling you what to buy and telling you how to consume s**t. To me that’s the downfall of a lot of what’s going on in our world. Their position in life and what they represent is kind of scummy, and now all of a sudden it’s cool?”

Vincent Kartheiser of “Mad Men” proves he has a Pete Campbell-esque propensity for putting his foot in his mouth. Sorry, Madison Avenue! He kind of has a point, though, about fan worship of the show. I’ve long thought that women who’ve said they wished men were more like Don Draper were momentarily stupefied by his beautiful face. The reality is that most of the guys on “Mad Men” are total asshats (even if they look good in a hat). [Click Liverpool]

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