Quick Tip: Bash Flower Stems So Blooms Last Longer

The show came to an end in 2005, but I just started watching HBO’s critically acclaimed “Six Feet Under” for the first time. In addition to being just wonderful entertainment, the show has also been informative on topics like mortuary science and floral design. Floral design? you’re probably thinking to yourself. Let me explain! 

See, at the end of the first season, Fisher family matriarch Ruth starts working at a flower shop. In order to improve her skills, she enrolls in a class on flower arranging and it was from this subplot that I learned something to improve my skills as well. According to Ruth’s new age-y instructor, you should bash the ends of particularly thick-stemmed flowers so that they split and become more porous, allowing them to drink up more water. As a result, your blooms will last longer.

I filed this nugget of info away for when peony season begins in, sigh, May, but lo and behold, during my pre-Thanksgiving Whole Foods run, I found Chilean peonies for sale! Oh happy day! Upon arriving home with the precious blooms, I whipped out my meat mallet and went to town. Within a few hours, my buds began to open. Thanks, “Six Feet Under”!