Infographic: What Their Favorite Thanksgiving Dish Says About Their Dating Style

The bird’s in the oven and the tables are set with festive cornucopias, but before your girlfriend or boyfriend digs into their Thanksgiving plate, what can you deduce from their favorite dish?

We’ve pegged your S.O.’s type based on their favorite holiday eats, so you know exactly what sort of a relationship you’re in for before you go for seconds.

Turkey, white meat: Traditionalist who falls asleep after sex.

Turkey, dark meat: Thinks they are edgy, but still a traditionalist who falls asleep after sex.

Turducken: Congratulations, you are dating a crazy person. This is going to be fun while it lasts though!

Mashed potatoes: Lovable, if a little boring and also lumpy. Probably loves to cuddle.

Salad: A sociopath. Will probably make you run a marathon for your anniversary. The human equivalent of Rob Lowe’s character from “Parks and Rec.

Stuffing: Loyal and true. They are dedicated (they still haven’t figured out there are better things to eat). Use this to your favor.

The bread (specifically mini croissants): Possibly a little flaky, but easily delighted. You could do worse.

Cranberry sauce (canned, jellied): Either a simpleton or someone who is thrilled with the curious consistency/scientific weirdness of this thing. If its the latter, expect experimentations in bed.

Cranberry sauce (with actual berries): From Vermont. A naturalist who is probably very passionate — they understand that things can always be improved. (Why have meat when you could have meat with fruit sauce on it?)

Brussel sprouts roasted with bacon and tossed in a balsamic reduction: I mean, you really brought this pretentious jerk home for Thanksgiving?

Gravy: Probably a sloppy kisser.

Green bean casserole: This is a person who thinks that crispy onion rings on canned green beans count as a vegetable. Accept it, he is never going to grow up and propose.

Yams: See above. Doesn’t know when to call a spade a spade (if it has marshmallows, it is not a vegetable). Most likely will still introduce you as a good friend at Thanksgiving with his or her family.

Pumpkin pie: This person is more than likely a romantic, who loves the pomp and circumstance of the holidays (probably loves Valentine’s Day celebrator). Or could just be a genius.

Pecan pie: This person’s not fooling around if it’s dessert it’s going to be a butter, sugary haven of one. Probably wants to have sex all the time.

This piece originally appeared on How About We’s dating blog The Date Report.