Debate This: 10 Reasons Uggs Are Awesome (And 10 Reasons They’re Not)

Every winter the Great Ugg Debate is reignited and the population splits into two groups: those who love Uggs, and those who think Uggs represent the downfall of civilization. Just in case you’re still on the fence, here are 10 arguments for Uggs and 10 arguments against — make your own informed decision, and let us know in the comments which side you’re on! [Full disclosure that might ruin my career: I own two pairs of Uggs and I wear them in public.]

10 Reasons Uggs Are Awesome

1, They’re freakin’ comfortable.

2. No, really, they’re so freakin’ comfortable. Wearing a pair of Uggs is like putting your foot in a preheated cloud made of sheep.

3. They’re warm. Warm enough to make your feet sweat in the middle of a blizzard.

4. They’re easy to throw on to get the mail or grab a cup of coffee.

5. Their bulky shape makes your legs look slim and sleek.

6. They come in all kinds of different styles now. Would you like your Uggs sequined? Bright purple? Maybe with a full head of hair? No problem!

7. They last forever. I still have the pair I got my freshman year of college.

8. The amount of rage they inspire in half the population makes them kind of exciting to wear in public, right?

9. Tina Fey and Andre Leon Talley wear them.

10. Did I mention they’re really freakin’ comfortable?

…And 10 Reasons They’re Not Awesome

1. They’re ugly.

2. They cause foot sweat, which in turn causes foot smell, which is a menace to society.

3. They are not waterproof at all, which actually makes them a highly inefficient winter footwear choice.

4. Remember when Paris Hilton used to wear them with denim mini skirts and no underwear? That was upsetting.

5. Even with underwear, it’s impossible to wear them and look dignified.

6. They are difficult to wash.

7. They cost, like, 200 bucks. Think of all the other things you could buy for 200 bucks (like boots that are actually cute).

8. After a year or so they lose their shape and become a sort of sad, slumpy pile of sheepskin.

9. Sequined Uggs exist now. Why do sequined Uggs exist?

10. Did I mention they’re ugly?

So there you go. Now tell us: where do you stand? [Classic Tall Uggs, $180, Zappos]