Kris Humphries Gets Villianous New Makeover In Kim Kardashian Divorce

Imagine, for a moment, you are Kim Kardashian’s PR team. The past few weeks of your life have not been easy; your client has been publicly derided for having an excessively fancy wedding during the middle of a recession and even more derided for divorcing just 72 days later. To make matters worse, her mom is going on any talk show that will have her and saying stuff like Kim didn’t “make a dime” off her wedding.  Even people who are Kardashian fans are wrinkling their noses at the stink.

So what would you do if you were Kim K’s poor, beleaguered PR team? Why, you’d make Kris Humphries the villian, posthaste. Enter Us Weekly’s cover article calling Kris the “HUSBAND FROM HELL” and claiming he “belittled [Kim] in front of people” and called her “stupid” and “fat.”

According to Us Weekly’s cover story, Kris “soaked up the perks of being married” to a Kardashian by partying every night, staying out late, and demanding free bottle service “and more.” Hmm, kind of like Scott Disick. But when he wasn’t partying-hardy, Us claims, Kris was a big meanie. A source said:

“He belittled her in front of people. He’d call her stupid. It was truly sickening. … He tried to control Kim by bringing her down. … He would say truly terrible things. One time, he said she had no talent and her fame wouldn’t last.”  

The source also says Kris told Kim she had a “fat ass” and if she complained that she was “acting too much like a wife and ‘get over it.'”

To be sure, if all the allegations against Kris Humphries are true, than he was indeed a crappy-ass husband, not to mention verbally abusive. I actually enjoy the Kardashians’ show and like Kim, and on a purely woman-to-woman level, I would never excuse a man’s behavior if it were like that. 

So, perhaps, this gossip is true: it’s not too hard to imagine how someone who is, at best, a D-lister would get swept up in marrying someone with A-list name recognition and then change under the newfound fame and privileges.

All that being said, this does make Kris Humphries look like a villain in the divorce — except I’m suspicious that it’s coming straight from the Kardashian Kamp. And that kind of makes me think Kim looks worse, given how she’s also the one who admitted she had cold feet before the big day but didn’t just call the damn wedding off. She’s a hell of a lot more powerful and interesting and (it seems to me) intelligent than he is; if she, her family and PR people never mention the name “Kris Humphries” again after the divorce is signed, everyone will forget his name within a year. I swear it.

This kind of mudslinging on the covers of gossip rags leaves an icky taste in my mouth — but it’s also kind of drawing out her embarrassment this whole thing.  [Us Weekly]

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