20 Things I’m Thankful For This Year

This year, in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, The Frisky staff is going to be sharing our lists of what we’re thankful for. Amelia, Jessica, and Julie all shared — now it’s time for Ami!I’m thankful that …

  1. … I get to spend one last Thanksgiving with my Grandpa. We didn’t think he would make it, but he has. Despite having said my goodbyes to him this summer, it looks like I’m going to be spending one more Thanksgiving with him, which is a blessing.
  2. … on the subject of family members, my best friend just lost her mother. Seeing what she’s going through has made me more grateful than ever to have mine around, especially when she texts me my horoscope, which she does almost every single day. I love you, momma xoxo!
  3. … I am single this Thanksgiving. Seriously, I am. I don’t want to be single forever, but I am really happy to be spending some quality time with my family this year.
  4. … I had a chance to get closure with so many of my exes, even if the run-ins caught me off guard.
  5. … That I put a lot of effort into my health this past year. Since last Thanksgiving, I worked hard and dropped a bunch of weight and I feel better than ever.
  6. … Next month I am turning 33 and I still look hot. That sounded conceited. But, oh well.
  7. … I finally have the mentors I always dreamed of. For a good portion of my 20s I was in search of mentors. I hit 30 and found two solid mentors.
  8. … I am doing my book. Yes, I’m writing a book. And working on it my spare time keeps me inspired and motivated. I am lucky to be in two writing groups with incredibly talented and supportive people who tell me the truth when my pages suck.
  9. … I work at The Frisky, which is my dream job with dream co-workers. Obviously.
  10. … I am embracing my curly hair!
  11. … This year I got closer with my brother and gained a sister-in-law, which is exciting because I don’t have a sister.
  12. … I have a lot of seriously solid friendships.
  13. … I no longer take dating personally! It’s so liberating!!
  14. … I got a new computer and a boyfriend all in one trip to the Apple store. The boyfriend is gone now, but the computer and I are doing great.
  15. … the Bravo network exists. This sounds lame but I have been comforted in hard/stressful times this year by many an episode of “Top Chef,” “Work of Art,” and “Real Housewives.” Thank you, Andy Cohen, for the magic you bring.
  16. … not to rip off Amelia’s list, but there have been some very important books I’ve read this year including Freedom, Just Kids, A Visit From The Goon Squad, and read for the 700th time, Letters To A Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke. It still blows my mind every time.
  17. … I have the most awesome scarf collection in the world. Or at least in my world.
  18. … our new office is so close to the Stumptown coffee headquarters. And that we have an office and I’m no longer working in my kitchen. Yay!
  19. … after 17 years of practicing, yoga is still my favorite form of exercise, even though I still can’t do Crow pose.
  20. … I get to play with my parents dog, Jackson (who I’ve nicknamed Snowball). That little, white pouf brings me way too much joy. He has a sideways, snaggle-toothed grin for God’s sakes.