Kristen Wiig Named GQ’s “Bro Of The Year,” Is Actually Very Shy

“For a lot of comics, there’s a persona they’re not comfortable revealing unless they’re performing. Kristen is incredibly shy; she has her hoodie pulled up and her sleeves pulled over her hands. But this is a woman who wore coconuts on her tits on SNL; she can go to the craziest, most grotesque places on the planet in character.”

– Normally I would roll my eyes at the random absurdity of a magazine like GQ naming Kristin Wiig their “Bro of the Year” alongside a photograph of the comedian in lingerie, but Jon Hamm wrote the magazine’s dedication and I am on Team Hamm Can Do No Wrong. Mind you, I’m not entirely sure what a “Bro of the Year” is, but it seems Wiig is being honored by the mag for “Bridesmaids,” a movie which — shocker! — many men found equally as funny as women. Which is awesome considering the whole “men are funnier than women” thing was getting rather tiresome.

Anyway, in the piece, Hamm also writes about the hilariously awkward sex scene he and Wiig shared in “Bridesmaids.”

“Bounding around in a flesh-colored thong, trying not to sweat all over Kristen while a hundred crew members are literally like, ‘Can we get this done, please?’ — our embarrassment coupled with everyone else’s exhaustion lent that scene a particularly awkward sensibility.”

In other words, it was the perfect scene to kick start the year’s most hilarious movie. And as much as GQ may want to count Wiig as one of their own, we’re pretty sure she remains firmly on Team Vagina (as well as Team Hamm, mentioned above). Regardless, we’re not sharing herEat it, boys! [GQ]