How To Get Kristen Stewart’s Girly Goth Look

Is it just me or has Kristen Stewart been looking her best ever while doing the “Breaking Dawn” publicity circuit? She’s obviously very attractive, but some of her past appearances have made me cringe just because she looks so damn uncomfortable. I don’t keep up with “Twilight,” but I do keep up with celeb style, and the photos of Kristen in J. Mendel at the U.S. premiere made my jaw drop. Kristen looks gorgeous and glamorous while still managing to maintain her punky, not-overdone allure.

One thing I’ve noticed from her most recent ensembles is that she’s grown into a master of a feminine style that alludes to goth without bringing Hot Topic to mind. Classy, clean goth? What a feat! I love what Kristen does with her girly-goth sensibilities, so I’m breaking it down into tips and tricks we can all use to channel the look. (Flawless British boyfriend not required, but always preferred.)

  • Keep it simple. An overload of accessories is not necessary for a look that already makes a strong stylistic statement. Kristen always keeps things streamlined without egregious embellishments. An all-black outfit with just one standout piece of jewelry, or another accessory like a scarf, is effortless to pull off.
  • Don’t fear color. Yes, one of a goth’s first principles is not to stray far from black. You can stay true to that while still being creative by pairing dark shades of cool colors with your black. A deep royal purple (on your nails, perhaps!) adds interest and is universally flattering. In the same vein, wearing all black with a pop of color, even just a stark white, is equally effective.
  • Mix textures and proportions. To avoid looking like you’re wearing a black jumpsuit, steer clear of wearing, say, fitted black pants with a fitted black top. If you’re wearing a loose-fitting top, go for tight-fitting jeans or a body-con skirt. If you’re wearing a fitted top, wear a flouncier A-line skirt or pants that fit loosely but aren’t baggy (which is never a good look). Wearing a sequined black top with black jeans is a fail-safe look that can be varied for day or night.
  • Keep makeup light. The keystone of a good goth has always been dark eye makeup. However, raccoon eyes are out of the question if “glam” is what you’re going for. A thin line of liquid eyeliner kept tight to the top lashline defines eyes without being distracting. Blend shades of grey for a smokier look without harshness. A bold lipstick is au courant, but a nude lip can be just as pretty in the right shade. A good rule is to only wear color in one place; either create an attention-grabbing lip or eye, never both. Thick black eyeliner and a red lip is much too Christina-Aguilera-in-“Burlesque.”
  • Don’t cover up. Yes, that’s right ” the best thing you can do in order to transform from a frumpy goth into a bombshell goth goddess is to highlight your assets. Kristen is slim and not curvy, but she chooses to draw attention to her long, elegant limbs. If you’ve got nice boobs, don’t be afraid to show them off! I’m sure Marilyn Manson would approve.