Only $500 Is Needed To Make James Franco Fan Erotica A Reality!

Are you sexually passionate about James Franco? It’s time to put your money where your mouth is and help make F**KING JAMES FRANCO, a collection of fan erotica, a reality. The book project is currently featured on Kickstarter, a site that allows artists to solicit donations for new projects by posting video proposals, and they are a mere $500 from their goal. Proposed by Portland-based Social Malpractice Publishing and Container Corps, they’re just trying to provide us with what we need, i.e. “hypothetical sexual encounters with the greatest American actor, writer, and visual artist of all time.”

Besides the fact that James Franco does everything — by the time you finish reading this post he’ll probably have his MD in dermatology or something — he is quite the perverse and eccentric fellow. If not for his warm brown eyes, I’d say a downright creeper. But that’s the best part of all of this, as the final line of the book proposal reads, “You know who’s going to f**king love this book? F**KING JAMES FRANCO.” To put things in perspective, Franco’s recent art installation featured a piece that explored “Rebel Without a Cause” through the guise of reversed gender roles. Dildos, blow up dolls, and sweetened condensed milk were involved. In response to negative feedback and genuine confusion from critics, Franco responded, “I like that they make fun of what I’m doing. It’s a beautiful reflection of where our culture is at the moment.” Franco is probably biting back his fingernails in an effort to not front the $500 himself, though he could always make another video of himself reading erotica to while away the hours.


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